Space Weather Report

Athens Cosmic Ray Station
Product: Daily Forecast of Geomagnetic Activity
Issued: 2024 July 16 06:44UTC
Prepared by the Athens Space Weather Forecasting Center

I. Solar activity
--Current Status
Solar Flux (10.7cm) measured on 15.07.2024 at 23:00 UTC was 233 sfu.
The background X-Ray flux is at the class C3.6 level.
Three M-class solar flares were produced on July 15 and the biggest was the M2.7.
AR3738 erupted on July 15 at 09:37 UT peak time producing a M2.7 class solar flare and a radio blackout of category R1.
No obviously Earth directed CMEs were observed in available LASCO imagery on July 12-14.
A coronal hole at northern hemisphere will be rotating across the central meridian on July 14-16.

II. Solar Energetic Particle Events
Protons and electrons fluxes are quiet.

III. Interplanetary and Geomagnetic conditions
The solar wind speed measured by ACE satellite reached the max value 380 Km/s on July 16 at 04:45 UT during the last 24 hours.
The solar wind speed from STEREO A was detected 400 Km/s during the last 24 hours.
The vertical component of IMF Bz reached the max value -8 nT on July 15 at 23:45 UT during the last 24 hours.
The geomagnetic field was at quiet to unsettled levels during the last 24 hours.
The Kp index now is at quiet levels with Kp=2.

IV. 3-day Geomagnetic Activity Forecast
The geomagnetic field is expected to be at quiet to unsettled level on July 16-18.

DateAp index forecastGeomagnetic Activity level
16.07.202406Quiet to Unsettled
17.07.202406Quiet to Unsettled
18.07.202410Quiet to Unsettled

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